Founded by Andrew Elovic, Elyon Properties is a privately held asset management company specializing in real estate management.


Elyon Properties focuses on performance, continuous improvement and integrity. We take pride in meeting commitments.


If you are looking to maximize returns and join a high-flying crowd fund, we are not for you. Our approach is to find stable and proven investments that offer above-market consistent rewards. We are all too well aware of investors who were promised high returns and lost their capital. At Elyon Properties, our focus is to achieve consistent returns from proven vetted investments.


We are results-driven and seek excellence in all aspects of our business from customer care through meeting investor returns. Our drive and passion means that you can relax and achieve peace of mind when you team with us.


Client satisfaction is a core value of our business and we offer high transparency and integrity. Elyon Properties maintains an ownership share in all properties offered to investors, which creates a distinct and valuable alignment of interest between us and our clients. We are committed to taking a personal approach to all clients. And we have unique capabilities to cater to investors from outside of the U.S.


Elyon Properties focuses on capturing and leveraging investment returns in growing and stable markets. Our philosophy is that real estate holdings are long term investments, and we therefore seek high investor returns from the outset with prospects for stable and continuous growth. The company has developed a proprietary model for evaluating and analyzing potential investments and carefully balances the prospects for above-market returns with a mitigating risk strategy. Investors’ risk is further minimized because only well-vetted properties with proven strong financial performance are offered to investors.